Mental Health and Wellness Copywriter

I use SEO strategy and effective, empathetic copywriting to help mental health professionals stand out online.

In this ever-changing online landscape, it's easy to get lost in the noise. Whether you consider yourself a helper, a healer, a caregiver, or a coach, it can be hard to market yourself and your business when you are the business. You shouldn't have to be so caught up in the backend of things that you feel as if you're sacrificing the time and energy you want to be spending on your practice.

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How can I help?

What I can do for you:

  • Boost your SEO (search engine optimization) so that you rank higher in google.

  • Provide SEO-optimize copy in your voice. Every business needs website copy, blog posts, email sequences, and newsletters to connect with current and potential clients. 

  • Create and manage successful social media accounts and campaigns, meaning you don't have to worry about images or posting.

  • Create engaging visual content for your brand utilizing smart graphic design (infographics, social media ads & banners, business cards, etc.).

Services and Starting Rates

  • Re-write your current web copy for SEO

    $100 per page
  • Write a 5-6 page website using SEO strategies

    $150 per page
  • Engaging newsletters to build relationships with your clients

    $100 per newsletter
  • Trigger-based and/or time-based sequences for your brand/business

    $60 per email
  • Well-researched, SEO-friendly blog post customized for your needs

    $150 per 1000 words
  • 3 hours of design

    Starting at $150
  • 3-4 initial concepts, 3 revisions, 4 files for print and web

    starting at $175

For one time projects, I require a 50% payment upfront. The rest will be due upon submission of the first draft. Payment for a monthly retainer or bundle will be agreed upon between us. All rates are starting and subject to change according to work volume and revisions. 

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About Me

Who is she?

After studying English and Creative Writing at East Carolina University, I took a cliched leap of faith and moved to New York City to pursue my dreams of being a writer. After about a year of waitressing and soul searching (a nicer term for flailing around), I found my niche. Now, I specialize in writing about various types of therapy, mental illnesses, and psychological experiences and conditions. I'm well-versed in holistic and spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, chakra work, reiki, tarot, and astrology. As a life long therapy-goer and mental wellness advocate, you can trust that my passion for mental health care goes beyond that of the average copywriter. Since I was a young girl, I've always been called upon to be of service; from acting as the mediator in a childhood playground dispute to helping a friend out of an abusive relationship, my ability to facilitate healing prevails. That same ability has guided me through my own journey with mental illness, which is why I feel so drawn to the field of self-improvement and therapy. I've chosen to combine my writing expertise with my call to service in order to help you help others. My goal is to create a lasting, positive impact on the lives of others through compassionate writing that resonates in the heart of the reader.